How Does a House Concert Work?

I contact AMAZING artists and ask them to come play in the most intimate of settings…a house. You purchase a "ticket" (donation to the artist, we just call it a "ticket" because that's what people are used to hearing), bring a snack to share and your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the music! There is nothing quite like a house concert.  Where else can you go where you’re sitting no more than mere feet from a national/international recording artist?  You can talk to them, make requests, take pictures, ask them about their music, get CDs and have them personally autographed.  House concerts are an inexpensive way to discover new artists and make friends with like-minded people.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

Why the Name "Borrowed House Concerts?"

Well, my place is very small and pretty acoustically challenged, so I “borrow” houses to host the shows in.  I have some incredible friends who allow me to borrow their homes for our magical shows.  Borrowed House Concerts is NOT a business, it's just a bunch of people who get together and enjoy music in someone's living room. I gave it a name because it's just much cooler to say "Borrowed House Concerts" or "BHC" instead of "we're a bunch of people who get together to enjoy music someone's living room."

How Do I Get to See a Show?

BUY A "TICKET!"  Bring your favorite beverage (please be responsible, we want you to come back) and a snack to share, sit back, relax and enjoy!  ALL donations collected goes to the artist!  Every penny!  

You can reserve a seat by clicking on an event and following the instructions.  My eldest son, Aaron, set me up with this sweet website.  It keeps a list for me and even sends you out a reminder right before the show!  Once you RSVP for a show we'll hold your seat for one week pending your donation.  If you don't get it in, we'll have to make your seat available again.  Seating is limited for each show, so we need to know what's actually available.

By the way......We call it a "ticket" because it's a word everyone understands when it comes to a concert.  You're actually making a "suggested donation" to the artist.  Yeah, we make up cute little souvenir "tickets" but that's just for the fun and a little memento. 

Show Suggestion:  Bring $5s and $10s if you’re even thinking you might like to purchase merchandise from an artist.  This is a great plan no matter what venue you may be at. Not only does it help the "Merch Girl" but it makes your purchase quicker too!  Them $20s and $50s eat up a change bank in a fast hurry!
(Please note:  We must charge a $25.00 fee for any returned checks, sorry.  It costs me, I gotta charge you.)

I Paid My Donation, Now I Can't Go! *sad face*         Can I Get a Refund?

No, sorry, ticket sales are final.  This is pretty standard operating procedure for any concert venue. Now I know we’re not Tupelo Music Hall, Meadowbrook, or Xfinity Center, but I make the same type of commitment to pay these musicians.  We agree on a price, we put out a chair for you, the artist shows up, they should be paid.  I base the suggested donation prices on what the deal with the artist is.  That’s how I keep the shows affordable (usually between $20-$30). I only want to have to sell the seats once, not over and over again.  It’s very important to me to pay the artist!  BUT, if/when a show sells out I will start a waiting list in case someone finds they need to re-sell their ticket.  If in the unfortunate event you find you can’t make a show you are more than welcome to re-sell your ticket on your own, but we won’t be able to post it to this Website or to our Facebook group until a show is completely sold out.  Of course, if BHC has to cancel a show for any reason you will received a full refund!

Why Can't I Know Where The Show Is Until I Pay?

We are limited on the number of seats available and have been fortunate enough to consistently sell out our shows.  We don’t tell you where we are borrowing until you pay for your ticket because we don’t have room for “crashers” and I don’t want to have to be mean and turn someone away at the show door because they just showed up.  Plus, it’s out of respect for the kind people who allow me to borrow their home.  So to avoid all that unpleasantness I wait to tell you.  Right now all shows are hosted in Plaistow and Atkinson, NH.  Mostly because it’s where I live, so it’s convenient for me.  I'm always open to new "venues" for shows.  You never know when someone else might have an awesome place to host a show in a nearby town.  If a show is going to be in another town I’ll make sure you know before accepting your donation, because I know it could make a difference in whether or not someone might choose to attend.

The Show I'm Going to is an Outdoor Show.  What Happens if it Rains?

First off.....IT WOULDN'T DARE!   But......When there is an outdoor show and it rains, the show WILL go on!  The first 30 PAID tickets will be seated inside. Ticket #31+ (also known as "Sunshine Tickets") will get a full refund.  I keep track of the Sunshine Ticket list in order of purchase.  If any of the first 30 need to re-sell their tickets they will be offered, in order of reservation, to those on the Sunshine Ticket List.   The no refund policy applies to those on the Sunshine List if the concert is held outdoors.  I don’t schedule shows in the winter months. Are you kidding?  I stress enough over selling the tickets, let alone worrying about getting snowed out!

Who Has Played at Borrowed House Concerts?

Here's the GROWING list of amazing artists who have played the BHC Stage

- Seth Glier w/Ryan Hommel (Middleton, NH)

                not an official BHC show, but it was my very first house concert and a ton of fun!
- Chelsea Berry
- Jenn Grinels
- Seth Glier w/Joe Nerney
- Chad Perrone
- Antje Duvekot
- Flynn
- Joel Cage
- Lisa Mills
​- Charles Berthoud
- Grant Stinnett
- The DuPont Brother
- Claude Bourbon
- The Rough & Tumble
- Charlie Farren
- Bruce Marshall
- Matt Cusson
- Megan Burtt
- Lorna Simes
- Bob Halprin

- Sarah Potenza

- The Rough and Tumble

- Brian Dunne

- Jim Trick

- Chris O'Brien

​I'm talking to new and exciting artists each and every day!

See YOU soon at a Borrowed House Concert!